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8051 MCU Code Extraction

The Intel 8051 is a Harvard architecture, single chip microcontroller which was developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded systems. The official designation for the 8051 family is MCS 51. Intel’s original versions were popular in the 1980s and early 1990s, but has today largely been superseded by a vast range of faster and/or functionally enhanced 8051-compatible devices manufactured by more than 20 independent manufacturers including Atmel, Infineon Technologies (formerly Siemens AG), Maxim Integrated Products (via its Dallas Semiconductor subsidiary), NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductor), Nuvoton (formerly Winbond), ST Microelectronics, Silicon Laboratories (formerly Cygnal), Texas Instruments and Cypress Semiconductor.

8051 based microcontrollers typically include one or two UARTs, two or three timers, 128 or 256 bytes of internal data RAM (16 bytes of which are bit-addressable), up to 128 bytes of I/O, 512 bytes to 64 kB of internal program memory, and sometimes a quantity of extended data RAM (ERAM) located in the external data space.

With the widely used of 8051 microcontrollers, the 8051 MCU decryption technology has made significant development. We can extract code from MCU for our customers(only for lawful research purposes), part of the MCUs which we can do MCU Crack is as follows:

Series MCU Code Extraction
ATMEL 8051 MCU Attack AT89C51 AT89C52 AT89S51 AT89S52
AT89C55 AT89C55WD AT89C51RC AT89C2051
AT89C4051 AT89S8252 AT89S8253 others
WINBOND W78E51 W78E51B W78E52 W78E58B
W78E54 W78E54B W78E58 W78E78B
W78E516 W78E516B W77E58 W77E516
W79E2051 W79E4051 others
SYNCMOS SM8951 SM8951A SM8952 SM8952A
SM8954 SM8954A SM8958 SM8958A
SM89S16 SM89516A others
PHILIPS P87LPC764 P87LPC762 P89C51B P89C52B
P89C54B P89C58B P89C51X2 P89C52X2
P87C51X2 P87C52X2 P89LPC901 P89LPC903
P89LPC908 P89LPC915 P89LPC917 P89LPC921
P89LPC925 P89LPC931 P89LPC935 P89LPC952
P89LPC954 others