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Cypress Chip decryption

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At present, The MCU Breaking Institute’s research for cypress Chip decryption have a major breakthrough, not only for CY7C series chips we can attack, but also for the cy37 series and cy8c series chips that difficult to crack we can try to develop breaking programs.

Here are the cypress devices that we are able to successfully crack:

CY2XXX Series Chip decryption
CY2071A CY2077FZ CY2291F CY2292F
CY2292FZ CY22050F CY22150F CY22381F
CY22392F CY22393F CY22394F CY22395F
CY25100FS CY8C27443 CY2907F14 CY2907F8……

CY53XXX Series Chip decryption
CY53120E2 CY53120E4 CY53120L8……

CY63XXX Series Chip decryption
CY63000 CY63001 CY63100 CY63101
CY63200 CY63201 CY63221 CY63231
CY63410 CY63411 CY63412 CY63413
CY63510 CY63511 CY63512 CY63612
CY63613 CY63722 CY63723 CY63742
CY63743 CY63823 ……

CY64XXX Series Chip decryption
CY64011 CY64012 CY64013……

CY7CXXX Series Chip decryption
CY7C63000/A CY7C63001/A CY7C63100/A CY7C63101/A
CY7C63200 CY7C63201 CY7C63221 CY7C63231
CY7C63231A CY7C63410 CY7C63411 CY7C63412
CY7C63413 CY7C63510 CY7C63511 CY7C63512
CY7C63513 CY7C63612 CY7C63613 CY7C63722
CY7C63723 CY7C63742 CY7C63743 CY7C63801-PXC
CY7C63813-PXC CY7C63823-PXC CY7C64011 CY7C64012
CY7C64013 CY7C64111 CY7C64112 CY7C64113
CY7C65013 CY7C65113……

CY37XXX Series Chip decryption
CY37032  CY37064  CY370128  CY370256

CY8CXXX Series Chip decryption
CY8C24223  CY8C24423  CY8C27443  CY8C24123  CY8C24533

CYPRESS Series Chip decryption
PALCE16V8   PALCE20V8  PALCE22V10  ……